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June Program

After Registering for NSO

Congratulations — you’ve registered for New Student Orientation! Now what? Make sure you’ve completed the following items so you are prepared for your NSO program.

1) Check your MIX email account regularly

Your MIX account is the best way for the University to send you important information, such as campus news and financial aid and student account updates from the Mountaineer Hub.

2) Check your placement

Completing the correct math and chemistry course(s) your freshman year can impact your entire college experience. Prior to attending New Student Orientation, check the math and chemistry requirements for your major. If you need to take the ALEKS math and chemistry placement assessment, please plan to do so the afternoon of your orientation session.

3) Choose a dining plan

All students living in WVU residence halls are required to have a dining plan, and the deadline to choose a Dining Plan is June 30, 2017. After this deadline, students who have not chosen a plan will be automatically assigned the Blue Plan. If you are commuting, you have the option of purchasing a non-resident plan.

View Dining Options

4) Grant access to Parent/Guest Portal

Who pays the bill in your family? The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents WVU from providing anyone with information about your educational records without your permission. This also means we cannot discuss a tuition bill or financial aid without your permission. To allow a parent, guardian or other guest access to certain parts of the college process, including bill payment and grades, you need to establish Parent/Guest Proxy access.

Set up Parent/Guest Proxy Access

5) Set up accommodations

Students with a 504, individualized education plan (IEP), or specific physical needs should contact the  Office of Accessibility Services to obtain academic, housing or transportation accommodations. Please call 304-293-6700 to begin the process.

Office of Accessibility Services

7) Get ready for NSO

Make sure you know where to go when you arrive on campus!

Attending the NSO One Day? You’ll park at the Coliseum.

Attending the NSO Overnight? You’ll be staying at Lincoln Hall.

Attending the NSO Overnight Basecamp? You’ll head to the Outdoor Education Center.

Overnight sessions have additional packing lists, but for your full day at NSO, you will want to wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers  the weather can be unpredictable!

What to Bring to NSO

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