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Congratulations — you’ve registered for New Student Orientation! Now what? Make sure you’ve completed the following items so you are prepared for your NSO program.

1) Check your MIX email account regularly

Your MIX account is the best way for the University to send you important information, such as campus news and financial aid and student account updates from the Mountaineer Hub.

2) Register for housing and pay your housing deposit

You must wait 48 hours after paying your academic deposit before completing the housing application. After submitting the housing deposit, you will select your top three residence hall choices and an assigned date will be sent to your MIX email address. On your assigned date, access

Access the Housing Portal

3) Choose a dining plan

All students living in WVU residence halls are required to have a dining plan, and you should make this selection before classes begin on August 16. After this deadline, students who have not chosen a plan will be automatically assigned the Blue Plan. If you are commuting, you have the option of purchasing a non-resident plan.

View Dining Options

4) Make sure you are covered — it’s required!

All WVU domestic students enrolled in six or more credit hours are required to carry health insurance coverage. Any student who is already covered by another approved health insurance plan may complete the  insurance waiver application to opt out of the WVU plan. This waiver is currently open and is due August 22, 2017.

Students without an approved waiver on file will be automatically enrolled in the WVU Aetna student health insurance plan, at a cost of $912 per term.

Learn About Student Insurance

5) Grant access to Parent/Guest Portal

Who pays the bill in your family? The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents WVU from providing anyone with information about your educational records without your permission. This also means we cannot discuss a tuition bill or financial aid without your permission. To allow a parent, guardian or other guest access to certain parts of the college process, including bill payment and grades, you need to establish Parent/Guest Proxy access.

Set up Parent/Guest Proxy Access

6) Set up accommodations

Students with a 504, individualized education plan (IEP), or specific physical needs should contact the   Office of Accessibility Services to obtain academic, housing or transportation accommodations. Please call 304-293-6700 to begin the process.

Office of Accessibility Services

7) Pay your bill

Please note: your fall bill will not reflect the cost of tuition and fees until after you register for classes at New Student Orientation. After you enroll, you can pay online through your WVU Portal.

8) Expecting a refund?

Authorized Financial Aid will disburse to student accounts on August 6, 2017. If you are expecting a refund from your financial aid, make sure you indicate your refund preferences with our refund partner, Tuition Management Systems.

Students are highly encouraged to establish a preference for Direct Deposit in order to receive their refund in a timely manner.

Establish Your Refund Preferences

For those who have signed up for Direct Deposit, refunds will be available on August 11, 2017 and will continue through the following weeks as funds are processed to student accounts. To determine the amount that will be due after financial aid disburses, subtract the authorized aid from the amount due in STAR.

9) Prepare for move-in

Welcome home! Students attending NSO on either Thursday, August 10 or Friday, August 11 will be permitted to move-in before the Saturday, August 12 move-in date for an additional daily room rate fee. The daily room rate cost is approximately $25-$35 per night, based on your room type. The fee will be billed separately to your student account. You will be permitted to move-in after scheduling your courses at NSO.

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