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General Education

Purpose of General Education

Students have the opportunity to understand a breadth of subjects through general education courses instead of focusing on one area of study.

WVU’s General Education Foundation

WVU’s General Education Foundation (GEF) ensures that our students gain critical skills through active learning, information literacy and civic engagement. These skills are important for students who are entering a complex and evolving world.

As well, the GEF involves innovating teaching and engages students in a challenging academic environment. Our GEFs incorporate the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ approach to a 21st Century liberal education. Through the Liberal Education and America’s Promise initiative, a robust set of learning outcomes were developed. These outcomes helped guide the creation of the GEF learning goals.

Eight Foundation Areas

F1 - Composition and Rhetoric 
F2 - Science and Technology 
F3 - Mathematics and Quantitative Skills 
F4 - Society and Connections 
F5 - Human Inquiry and the Past 
F6 - The Arts and Creativity 
F7 - Global Studies and Diversity 
F8 - Focus coursework

Credits Needed for Completion

Students will complete between 31-37 credits in the GEF depending on the major, minor or dual major, he or she chooses.

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